Moms can change everything.

All our families deserve a brighter future. We are helping mothers, and others like us, all across America win the fight to protect our families, our future, and our democracy.
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The fight for freedom
begins with a book!

In the tumultuous landscape of 2024, where our constitutional rights face unprecedented threats, it is paramount to equip ourselves with knowledge and unity. Beyond being a mere gathering of readers, our book club serves as a platform for civics education, a haven for critical discourse, and a beacon of hope for those who reject authoritarianism.

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Thoughts & Prayers are NOT Enough

Thoughts and Prayers remind us that without action we will never address the biggest issue of our time. The number one killer of children is not drowning, cancer, or car wrecks. It is guns. And we have waited years for politicians and leaders to do something. Our families but especially our children do not have to live this way. It is time to act! So join our organizations in stepping up and saying “We Demand Gun Reform NOW!”

2024 Endorsements

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Why We Fight

As mothers, we fight for our families because their futures depend on the democracy we defend. Mothers for Democracy engage civically to ensure every child receives a quality education, the pathway to opportunity. As mothers, we will not cease our advocacy until all women control their personal freedoms without politicians dictating their most personal medical decisions.

Our children deserve to live freely without the fear of gun violence. We all deserve to read any book we want and our freedom of speech needs to be protected. We are ready to band together with other Mothers in this fight and make an unbreakable chain for democracy.

Our Mission

As Mothers for Democracy, we are guided by compassion and courage. We think big about the future we envision. And we are brave in our activism, knowing the stakes could not be higher.

Creativity energizes our work, as we find fresh ways to spread civic joy and bring more voices into the democratic process. Data and strategic intelligence inform our strategies, but the true North of our star is human connection. We will work together to build community through compassion, listening with empathy.

Always our hands stay busy improving lives at the grassroots level. Whether registering young voters, rallying neighbors on the issues most vital, or running for roles to exact the change we wish to see – we roll up sleeves and dive in headfirst. In this doing, understanding grows between different backgrounds marching as one for justice.

Values like these not only move mountains, but will move the needle in politics as well. Together, thinking big yet acting locally, we mother a more perfect Union with each new partner joining the faithful fight.