About Mothers for Democracy

Mission & Values

Mothers for Democracy is guided by compassion and courage. As we envision a bold, brighter future, we must be brave in our activism, because we know the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Creativity energizes our work as we find fresh ways to encourage civic engagement and bring more voices into the democratic process. Data informs our strategies, but our true north star will always be human connection. We will work together to build community through compassion and listening with empathy.

Mobilizing voters – especially young voters in Gen Z – is one of our most vital tools for restoring health to our democracy. Whether it’s voter registration, knocking on doors, rallying neighbors or even running for office to effect real chance, we’ll leave no stone unturned as we roll up our sleeves and get to work. Voter apathy is a very real phenomenon and we’ll stop at nothing to get as many people involved in on-the-ground democracy as possible. Our future depends on it.

Through the potent combination of thinking big, yet acting locally, Mothers for Democracy will help effectuate a more perfect union. Join us in the fight!


What started as a grassroots protest group of Texas moms opposing Governor Greg Abbott’s extreme agenda has blossomed into a nationwide organization, Mothers for Democracy. We quickly realized the fight to protect our children’s futures extends far beyond any one politician – it is a struggle for the very soul of this country. Now moms from sea to shining sea are uniting in bipartisan sisterhood to restore democratic values of justice, equality and compassion through the political awakening of maternal power.

As mothers, we have always been the guardians protecting our children through history’s trials, and now as extremism threatens the future we envision for our kids, we must once again rise up with our unstoppable #MomPower. By uniting our voices and channeling our shared experiences as mothers into the political process from local to national, we will put wind in democracy’s sails and empower leaders to build a nation where all children can thrive.