The Anti-Fascist Book Club Kit


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Our monthly Anti-Fascist Book Club is where literature, non-fiction, and activism converge in the fight to save American democracy.

In the tumultuous landscape of 2024, where our constitutional rights face unprecedented threats, we must equip ourselves with knowledge and unity. Beyond being a mere gathering of readers, our book club serves as a platform for civics education, a haven for critical discourse, and a beacon of hope for those who reject authoritarianism.

As members of the Anti-Fascist Book Club, we acknowledge that knowledge is not passive but a catalyst for action. And we hope to give you the tools to learn how to speak up, speak loud, and fight back to protect our U.S. Constitution.

Support the club with this collection of branded merch, sure to delight any Anti-Fascist reader.

Kit includes:

  • Hard enamel pin
  • Bookmark
  • Pocket notebook
  • 2 hex pencils
  • Sticker
  • all in a handy, reusable canvas pouch


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